Healthcare forum celebrates landmark

An online health forum which has helped thousands of people since its inception is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The Alzheimer’s Society’s Talking Point forum was set up in 2003 by Craig Clarke, who approached the charity because he was caring … Continue reading

Google trials same-day e-commerce scheme

Google is testing a new e-commerce strategy to provide same-day deliveries for customers shopping online. The Google Shopping Express trial is giving San Francisco residents the opportunity to order goods from one or more of a variety of retailers. The … Continue reading

Eye drops ‘could prevent blindness’

Cholesterol-regulating eye drops could soon be used to treat a common source of blindness, according to new research from the United States. Scientists at Washington School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, discovered a link between high levels of cholesterol … Continue reading

Search engine for rare diseases launched

Danish researchers have come up with a new search engine to help people learn about unusual illnesses. The team developed the specialist tool called FindZebra to make it easier for medical professionals to find detailed information about rare diseases online … Continue reading

Cancer saliva tests ‘in five years’

A landmark study has greatly multiplied the number of known genetic markers linked to breast, prostate and ovarian cancer. It means that GPs could be routinely testing patients for their genetic risk of cancer within the next five years. Using … Continue reading

Technology can monitor nerve function

Surgeons can effectively monitor nerve function while they are still in the operating theatre by using nerve mapping technology, a new American study has found. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Stephen Bartol said his small study at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital showed … Continue reading

Tweeting GPs ‘should be identified’

‘Doctor who?’ should not be a question that people reading physicians’ tweets need to ask, according to new guidance. It is advising tweeting doctors put their names to posts if their profile mentions their profession. The latest guidance from the … Continue reading

Plastic surgery ‘brings fewer long faces’

Plastic surgery patients notice psychological as well as physical benefits, new research suggests. Around 550 patients who went under the knife have tested to see if they are systematically different from other people, what goals they set themselves before the … Continue reading

Care homes and GPs could be graded

Patient choice, performance and accountability could all be improved by having Ofsted-style ratings and inspections for care homes and GP practices, according to a think tank. The Nuffield Trust says a ratings system for the NHS could be in place … Continue reading

Chip under your skin ‘can track cancer’

A postage stamp-sized implant could greatly improve the tracking and treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses – by performing blood tests under the skin, scientists say. The 14 millimetre-long gadget, crammed with small electronics containing five sensors and a … Continue reading