Community nurses go mobile in Scotland

Healthcare professionals in Scotland are to given the latest mobile technology after ministers agreed to fund a £1 million project to boost standards.

The money has been set aside to reduce bureaucracy and provide staff working in the community with the latest patient information at the end of their fingertip through a range of mobile devices.

A pilot scheme involving community nurses in NHS Western Isles showed significant improvements in efficiency, with the introduction of mobile devices reducing the time spent on administrative duties and allowing more time to be spent on the patient.

Alex Neil, the Scottish Health Secretary, said: “Technology is invaluable for nurses who work in community settings and through this new fund they will be able to choose what device is best for them.

“Traditionally community nurses had to wait until they returned to the hospital to update patient records but now they can be updated automatically.

“This new fund will cut down nurses’ administration time allowing them to spend more time with patients. That’s good news for everyone.”