UK GPs ‘top for healthcare technology’

GPs in the UK have beaten doctors across the world for their use of technology in healthcare, a survey has revealed.

UK practices claimed the top spot for their use of healthcare technology in the survey of 8,500 primary care doctors in 10 countries.

Alongside the UK, doctors in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the US, were also surveyed by the 2012 Commonwealth International Health Policy.

The findings revealed that multi-functional computer systems, such as electronic patient records, alerts for drug interactions, and the ability to order prescriptions and diagnostic tests, are used by more than two thirds of practices in the UK.

Electronic medical records are used by the majority of UK GPs at 97%, with 84% frequently reviewing data on clinical outcomes.

And a further 56% also said prescriptions could be requested electronically by patients through their practices’ medical websites.

In contrast just 27% of practices in the US incorporate healthcare technology, rising to 59% to 60% in New Zealand and Australia.

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