E-commerce sites offered analytics tips

E-commerce websites have been urged to use Google Analytics more wisely after research revealed many do not use the website analysis tool to its full potential.

Four out of five (80%) companies fail to extract the true value from Google Analytics because they failed to correctly implement it in the first place, according to the findings by DBD Media.

The study also revealed that just half of e-commerce firms track main conversion points, which means many are missing out on the ability to measure the performance of their e-commerce website against business objectives.

It also means they are unable to properly measure the end-to-end effectiveness of a campaign, DBD Media said.

Interestingly the researchers found that not one of the 50 e-commerce businesses in the survey have implemented the tracking code that is needed for cross-domain or sub-domain tracking.

The tracking code enables cookie information to be passed from one domain to another while retaining a unique user’s session data.

Referring to the findings, DBD Media’s conversion analytics consultant Axelle Ros said the ability of Google Analytics to extract meaningful data “is deeply affected by its initial set-up, both in terms of code and interface configuration”.