3 Ways Your Healthcare Website Will Drive Mobile Visitors Away

In the last 3-4 years, people have been forced to ‘make do’ when visiting websites on their smart phones. Whether it be ‘stretching and pinching’ or constantly moving the website page around on your screen to get to the information you need, we just get on with it.

However, more companies are now realising that they are potentially throwing money down the drain by not making a website visit on a mobile device an appealing experience.

A review of the website analytics of Chits UK’s healthcare clients from yk11 benefits shows that around 40% of all site visits come from smart phones and tablets. This compares to 20% last year. At the current rate, from next year more people will view websites from a mobile device than a desktop computer.

What 3 things drive mobile visitors mad about websites?

  1. Not being able to find the information they need without scrolling right and left.
  2. Trying to go from one page to another using a navigation system design to be used with a mouse, not a finger.
  3. Trying to memorise a phone number on a website because you have switch screens to make a call.

What is the answer?

  1. Create a separate mobile-friendly website that displays instead of your normal website when accessed by a mobile device.
  2. Redesign your main website so that the design adapts according to the size of the device it is being displayed on.

To see how a website might display differently on a smart phone, display www.crgh.co.uk first on your desktop, and then view it on your smart phone.

See how different it looks?

  1. Notice how all the important parts of the website are displayed prominently on the screen of your phone?
  2. See how easy it is to click on one of the links to another page?
  3. Notice how you don’t have to move the screen around, nor stretch and pinch the content?
  4. See how you can click on the ‘Phone Us’ button and your phone automatically sets itself up to phone the clinic?

If you like this…so will your clients / patients.

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Mike Busby is a digital marketing consultant with Chits UK Ltd. Chits are healthcare marketing specialists, with over 70 clinic and consultant clients around the UK.