Home healthcare technology helps patients

A thousand people in Northern Ireland have benefited from new homecare technology, it was revealed.

Telemonitoring allows patients to take their readings at home and automatically send information directly to a healthcare provider via a telephone link.
The service is provided by the TF3 consortium with the five health and social care trusts.

Kevin McSorley, a director at TF3, said: “We’re already transforming the care of 1,000 patients, and we expect to achieve 400,000 monitored patient days this year, equating to around 2,200 patients.”

The firm said it hoped to benefit up to 20,000 people with long-term health conditions over six years by enabling better control over their health.

With the fastest-growing population in the UK, the prevalence of long-term conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes in Northern Ireland is expected to increase by 30%, the company said.

“The service aims to improve outcomes for patients with earlier intervention, prevent deterioration of their condition and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.”