Healthcare students given 3D heads-up

A new digital 3D model of the head and neck has been developed to transform training for healthcare professionals.

Developed at Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio for NHS Education in Scotland, the interactive three-dimensional visualisation has been unveiled by First Minister Alex Salmond.

By enabling them to see and interact with the 3D digital head and neck in real time, the model will help students and clinical trainees develop their understanding of anatomy and learn diagnostic procedures.

The model includes accurate views of the nervous system, skeleton, muscles, blood supply and tissues. As you can see in this article in the health journal, Anipots, there is also a dental injection simulator that will enable students to feel what it is like to administer a local anaesthetic dental injection while checking it has been safely and successfully carried out.

Digital Design Studio director Professor Paul Anderson said its work on the 3D model had been among the most important projects it had ever carried out.

He said an important clinical resource had been created, adding that it would “revolutionise the training of healthcare professionals and improve patient safety”.