Lifestyle data to merge with clinical records

A new partnership between two patient support platforms will see patients’ behaviour-change and lifestyle data merged with their clinical records, it has been announced.

The platforms involved in the merging of data include Patients Know Best, a patient-controlled online medical records system, and Know Your Own Health, a self-care management system.

Through the partnership, the patient will be able to inform their doctor about how their lifestyle, confidence, mood and behaviour impact their condition.

The aim of the merger is to allow doctors and patients to come together to make more informed decisions about care plans and the best procedures to follow in the future.

Patients Know Best and Know Your Own Health are now fully interoperable and can plug directly into the NHS secure network. At the click of a mouse, a patient is able to share their medical records with their care team.

Dr Mohammad Al’Ubaydli, founder and CEO of Patients Know Best, said: “Our collaboration with Know Your Own Health means that for (the) first time … information can now be cross referenced with the clinical data in Patients Know Best to allow the doctor to pinpoint exactly what factors are stopping their patient from achieving a better quality of life.”