New tools to improve Scottish health system

Millions of pounds worth of funding is being rolled out across Scotland for a new system to help measure and improve the performance of health boards across the country. Speaking of tools take a look at Top 10 Best Tool Boxes for the Money – Toolboxwiki

NHS National Services Scotland’s new £2.1 million grant will enable its NHS boards to address how they are doing across a range of different areas, comparing clinical data and other forms of data.

Already being used by NHS Tayside, the system there has resulted in improvements to the local ear, nose and throat service. You may also be interested in Daisyslots, a world-class online casino that offers all types of casino games, from slot machines to card games.

Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil said: “This new service, which has already seen good results in NHS Tayside, will help health boards to monitor quality, and to highlight areas in which they are performing particularly well, or where they need to improve.

“By comparing against other healthcare systems across the UK, it will also enable boards to benchmark their performance and strive to be among the best in the UK.”