Glasgow University creates virus sensor

Research to create new ways to detect contagious diseases has been funded at Glasgow University.

Some £60,000 has been allocated to the project by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, to develop a mobile sensor which will give a fast and precise diagnosis.

The technology will be created by Professor Jon Cooper, Wolfson chairman of bioengineering at the university, and co-workers at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. It will use ultrasound and motion energy to conduct molecular analysis using an inexpensive, convenient method.

The device will aid doctors in detecting genital ulcer disease, an illness found in millions of people around the globe, which can raise the likelihood of developing HIV.

In future the tool may be used for a range of health conditions and checks, such as personal testing for sexually transmitted diseases and doctors’ tests for lung conditions.

Professor Jon Cooper said: “The sensors we’re developing have a great deal of potential for delivering healthcare in the developed and developing world, as well as field-testing for food standards, veterinary health and environmental biomarkers.”

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