Connected City set for Mobile World Congress

GSMA is planning to unveil its Connected City concept at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, which shows how in the future smartphones will allow remote health monitoring from home.

Attendees at the conference will get to experience tomorrow’s world of wireless connections, seeing how people could potentially access tailored, expert advice from a variety of healthcare professionals in the comfort of their own home.

Expanding on the previous Connected Home showcase, it is hoped Connected City will open people’s eyes to a complete urban environment.

It demonstrates how wireless connections can be used in all areas of everyday life, including a department store, a hotel, a cafe, a car showroom, an office, an apartment and a street.

These areas will be filled with products and experiences to show a more connected future that will make a difference to people across areas such as education, health, homes, retail and automotive sectors.

The Connected City has been launched in collaboration with AT&T, Vodafone, KT, Telenor Connexion and Deutsche Telekom.