Multi-sensory gadgets to offer care solutions

A health technology project aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly and disabled is being exhibited at the University of Glasgow today.

The MultiMemoHome project, a partnership between academics at the university’s department of computing science and the University of Edinburgh’s department of informatics, has developed a line of ‘multi-modal’ devices which work with the five senses to provide a range of solutions to everyday problems.

Technology developed by the project will be viewed by council and welfare officials at Glasgow University’s Sir Alwyn Williams Building.

The range of devices features jewellery which vibrates, reminding the wearer of an important time or event, bowls which illuminate themselves when keys or other vital objects are put inside them, and voice-response systems which can recognise speech difficulties.

The researchers also tested the effect of infusing certain scents into participants’ homes to help trigger a memory or reaction.