Consumers ‘favour search engine apps’

Search engine apps are preferred by smartphone users looking for product and service information, research shows.

The findings published by the DMA show search engines are favoured by 68% of those researching gifts and purchases.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers on smartphone usage showed that just 37% use brand apps to research products.

Offers and deals are the main reason why most people use search engines, with 50% of those polled using them for this purpose.

Brand information is the second most popular reason, with 40% citing this.

Searching for places to eat is the reason why 27% use their search engine app.

The report also found that the most popular content searched for is news, with just over half keeping up do date on events using search engine apps.

The findings from the DMA Mobile Marketing Council’s report could prove useful to digital marketing companies when targeting audiences in the future.