Online retailers launch plan to attract customers

Online retailers are set to tackle their biggest challenges of attracting more online traffic and improving conversions over the coming year, according to new research.

An SLI Systems survey of 110 UK retail brands showed over half (60%) of businesses want to improve conversions and almost as many (55%) want to attract more clients to their websites.

The most popular method through which retailers are hoping to tackle the issue is by improving site search functionality (22%).

A further 17% are set to maximise online marketing potential such as SEO, while 15% will solidify mobile commerce strategies and 14% will upgrade e-commerce platforms.

The UK results corresponded to the global trend, with 18% of retailers around the world planning to upgrade e-commerce platforms, 18% wanting to improve site search functionality, 17% saying they would improve SEO efforts and 15% focusing on solidifying their mobile commerce strategies.

UK retailers also plan to focus on enhancing merchandising capabilities (50%), their use of refinements (46%), their use of rich auto complete tools (45%), and their A/B testing (28%).