More UK shoppers ‘heading online’

A new report from Computop indicates that internet shopping is more popular in Britain than the wider continent, with British sales almost 50% higher than those in other European countries.

When sales figures were compared over the last two months, it was found that British sales had risen by 17% compared to the previous quarter.

Elsewhere in the eurozone, sales rose by just 1%, while spending totals dropped by 1%.

The sector with the most disappointing sales was cars, with an 8% slump in sales and a 4% drop in revenue. The most resilient sectors included edible goods (+7%) and vanity products (+4%).

Some early-bird shoppers have been buying Christmas presents in advance so that they gain the best discounts and can use discount codes.

The number of internet orders in Britain rose by 12% last month, compared with the previous month, and revenue rose by 7%.

The most successful online industry was electrical goods, with a 16% increase in turnover. Fashion wear and leisure goods also reported promising sales last month, with growth of around 12% in Britain.