Health app ‘supports weight loss’

A calorie-counting smartphone app has been proven to help overweight people ditch the pounds, according to new research from the United States.

Scientists from the Northwestern University in Chicago found that the average obese adult managed to lose 15 pounds using the weight loss app in unison with expert dietary advice.

People who attended educational classes in nutrition and behaviour in conjunction with using the app witnessed the best results, while those who used the app alone lost an average of 8.6 pounds.

The weight-watching smartphone app can monitor calorie intake and energy expenditure, which proved to be a valuable asset to the obese group – who were mainly men in their late 50s.

“The app is important because it helps people regulate their behaviour, which is really hard to do,” said study leader Professor Bonnie Spring, of the Northwestern University.

“Most of us have no idea how many calories we consume and how much physical activity we get. The app gives you feedback on this and helps you make smart decisions in the moment.”