Marketing attribution ‘proving popular’

Marketing executives are becoming increasingly interested in online marketing attribution as they aim to improve their efficiency, a poll by Econsultancy has shown.

It discovered that over 50% of companies are now involved in marketing attribution as part of their social media strategies.

It also found that the popularity of channels on social media and sharing websites has meant that many marketers would like to understand the paths taken by customers before a purchase is made.

The poll questioned over 700 digital marketing executives last month.

The most often cited reasons to engage in marketing attribution were ‘advocating digital spending’ (nearly three quarters of respondents), ‘acquiring a knowledge of purchase paths’ (over 65%), and ‘encouraging media diversity’ (nearly 60%).

Econsultancy research director, Linus Gregoriadis, commented: “The last-click-wins approach has served the digital industry well, and is a tidy and effective way of allocating credit in a digital environment where direct response and performance have flourished using this formula.

“However, in an increasingly multichannel and data-driven world, a reliance solely on last-click now represents a major gamble when more granular – and actionable – information is readily available.”