Cancer blood test wins funding

Blood tests which can tell doctors how well cancer patients are responding to treatment have secured a cash award from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Department of Health’s chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser, announced the funding, which will allow the blood test to become the subject of clinical trials.

Depending on the results of the trials, the test could end up being used by the NHS as well as private hospitals.

The project is one of five which will share more than £3 million of NIHR funding.

The other initiatives which are receiving financial support include a smartphone which aims to improve availability of HIV tests at locations in the community, including doctor’s practices and pharmacies, and glasses which use tiny cameras to help visually impaired people find their way around by using lights which get brighter when the wearer goes near an object.

A share of the cash will also be given to a project which aims to improve imaging of joints, tendons and ligaments to prevent surgery being carried out on healthy tissue.