E-commerce websites ‘must adapt’

E-commerce websites will need to ensure their customer experience fits in with an always-connected world or they risk falling behind competitors, a new report suggests.

Enterprises should focus on new analytics solutions, multichannel metrics and better collaboration tools in 2013, according to Ovum.

As part of a raft of changes sweeping businesses in response to new patterns of consumer interaction, Ovum suggests social media response teams will be installed within companies’ customer service centres.

This means in turn that social media management tools will become more important than ever in order for firms to meet the changing demands of the customer.

The global analyst company predicts an increase in intelligence of mobile self-service facilities, with customers able to use a mobile app to request a call-back and a more smooth switching process from self-service applications to phone calls, chat facilities or emails.

Ovum senior analyst Aphrodite Brinsmead said: “It makes sense for enterprises to create collaborative customer experience teams in order to align technology and data strategies across product, IT, marketing and customer support.”