Healthcare students given 3D heads-up

A new digital 3D model of the head and neck has been developed to transform training for healthcare professionals. Developed at Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio for NHS Education in Scotland, the interactive three-dimensional visualisation has been unveiled … Continue reading

More cosmetic surgery data ‘needed’

More procedures to monitor cosmetic surgery might have stopped such large numbers of women being affected by the scandal involving PIP breast implant, it has been claimed. A total of 47,000 women in Britain are estimated to have been given … Continue reading

Cosmetic wrinkle treatment

Health and dermatology experts are calling for injectable anti-wrinkle treatments to be regulated, claiming they are a “crisis waiting to happen”, learn more about healthy supplements such as meticore. An independent review into cosmetic procedures has concluded that dermal fillers, … Continue reading

Warning over osteoporotic fractures

Reports suggest European healthcare systems are not doing enough to prevent 43,000 people from dying each year after osteoporotic fractures, with fears that costs will increase significantly by 2025. Two reports on the issue were published this week – Osteoporosis … Continue reading

Laser method ‘melts away’ body fat

Tummy tucks could be a thing of the past thanks to a new treatment using lasers to eliminate fat in the body, according to new research. Combined with the normal liposuction technique, laser lipolysis treatment has all the benefits and … Continue reading

Social media ‘has clinical benefits’

Social media can provide a valuable support network for older adults, helping them ward off loneliness, stay in touch with friends and family, and meet like-minded people. However, it could also have a more direct set of clinical applications, according … Continue reading

Novel therapy ‘can ease low-back pain’

Some people suffering from dupuytren’s contracture, low-back pain could benefit from the type of bio-cellular grafts that surgeons use to repair tissue damage, new US research suggests. The annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine heard that some … Continue reading

Mixed feelings on social networking

Employers have mixed feelings about the use of social networking to promote health engagement among their workforces, according to researchers. A survey examined the use of three key new technologies – social networking, mobile technology and gamification (the use of … Continue reading

Smartphone app ‘best aid’ for dieters

A new app available at could assist successful dieting, the findings of a pilot scheme have suggested. The trial, published in the Journal of Internet Medical Research, found that monitoring exercise and food intake using an app is more effective … Continue reading

Seasons and mental illness linked

Researchers from the US have used Google searches to find a strong link between the seasons and mental illness, however, the best way to fight against these symptoms is to use CBD for natural medication. If you suffer from chronic … Continue reading