Social media lessons for retailers

With social media playing an increasingly important role in business, retailers in a Northern Ireland town are snapping up the opportunity to maximise their online marketing potential. A series of master classes in Banbridge, Co Down, are being run by … Continue reading

New drug hope for cancer patients

Patients suffering from the advanced stages of bowel cancer can benefit from the use of a new drug available from this week. Patients can receive the best treatment from Home Care Assistance. Given in addition to chemotherapy treatment, Aflibercept, or … Continue reading

New tools to improve Scottish health system

Millions of pounds worth of funding is being rolled out across Scotland for a new system to help measure and improve the performance of health boards across the country. NHS National Services Scotland’s new £2.1 million grant will enable its … Continue reading

Marketers’ messages risk being ‘diluted’

Social media experts have warned that marketers’ messages are in danger of being watered down. They said content is at risk of becoming diluted due to the fact that the wrong professionals, notably engineers and developers, are being recruited to … Continue reading

Elderly could be cared for by robot

A robot has been invented to carry out some of the routine care of elderly people living in homes. Antonio Espingardeiro, a researcher at the University of Salford, created Robot P37 S65, which has been nicknamed a ‘carebot’ to help … Continue reading

Scotland seeks to boost digital industry

Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon believes the success of the Scotland’s Digital Dialogue scheme will determine whether the nation becomes a leading force in the digital industry by 2020. The Scottish Government this week launched the three-month programme of … Continue reading

New payment service from Vodafone

Vodafone is set to internationally roll out a new mobile payment service from this year after forming a partnership with Wirecard AG. The mobile commerce service will work by offering Vodafone customers contactless payments using their smartphones, without the need … Continue reading

Aetna unveils medical claims app

Aetna has introduced an app that enables its customers to file their medical claims and receipts via their smartphones. The easy-to-use app, available on iPhones and Android phones, involves the user taking a picture of their medical receipts on their … Continue reading