Britons ‘wedded to digital devices’

The image of family members sitting next to each other on the sofa but choosing to communicate via Facebook may not be far from the truth, according to new research. Britons’ umbilical attachment to technology means that more than 22 … Continue reading

Multi-sensory gadgets to offer care solutions

A health technology project aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly and disabled is being exhibited at the University of Glasgow today. The MultiMemoHome project, a partnership between academics at the university’s department of computing science and … Continue reading

Smartphone app enables PhD research

A PhD student has used an iPhone app in order to collect data based on dichotic listening. Researcher Josef Bless explains: “Two years ago I was listening to music through headphones and noticed that the sounds of the different instruments … Continue reading

Demand grows for e-commerce staff

The growing e-commerce sector has resulted in a rising number of job vacancies, the latest Retail Employment Insight Report has shown. As demand has increased in the sector, job vacancies in the retail industry dropped by 25% in 2012, with … Continue reading

Online advertising education ‘needed’

Media agencies want more experience in online advertising, research has revealed. A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has examined how comfortable those working for media agencies feel with the mobile industry. It found that the level of … Continue reading

Video calling on the go ‘set to soar’

The number of people using video calls to speak to others on their mobiles is expected to rise to almost 160 million over the next four years. A new report by Juniper Research predicts user numbers will rocket to four … Continue reading

‘Bionic man’ to put down roots in London

London’s Science Museum will this week welcome the bionic man which is set to feature in a new Channel 4 documentary. The artificial man was brought to life by a team of expert roboticists for How To Build A Bionic … Continue reading

New technique ‘to help drug testing’

The process of creating artificial organs could be significantly speeded up by a new technique which uses 3D printing to produce clusters of stem cells, according to a scientific study. More immediately, it is claimed that the technique, which is … Continue reading

Over-the-phone physios ‘could save NHS cash’

A study has suggested that over-the-phone physiotherapy assessments could save time and money if rolled out across the NHS. This method reduces waiting times and provides equally good patient outcomes, according to the researchers. They added that waiting times for … Continue reading